20 Stock images of abstract home decor that are way better than any other home decor websites

20 Stock images of abstract home decor that are way better than any other home decor websites. 

When we go out looking for beautiful designs for our homes we get swamped with pictures from across the internet. The pictures and content you see and read are most often from websites that focus on home decor. Well, it makes complete sense for Google algorithms to show you results from websites that serve the relevant keywords while excluding stock image sites. But in my search for ‘abstract home designs,’ I took a different route by searching on iStock.

Guess what, I found some hidden gems there, unique home decor ideas that were way more impressive than what we find through the generic google search. There’s something about every image that I find uniquely attractive that gives it the edge, you’ll find a few lines below each image of what that is.

A little disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the designs could be subjective (expressing art always is subjected to subjectivity).

Alright, so let’s get started. We have kept the watermark on these images intact, well, because our blog title says so…


What’s unique: A great combination of a rustic look on one wall with a more modern design on the other.


What’s unique: The house shaped sofa. So you can relax in a home within a home.


What’s unique: The cylindrical centre table - just as stable as a rectangular one.


What’s unique: The use of neutral colors, with a splash of orange, yellow and blue thrown in.


What’s unique: The beautiful inconsistency in the patterns.


What’s unique: The minimalist design with the eclectic mix of furniture.


What’s unique: Love the hi-contrast, vibrant and cheerful use of color, the cobweb design on the chair, the geometric patterns across the room.


What’s unique: A delightful white room for the toddlers.


What’s unique: Pieces of wood can go anywhere, hanging on the wall, used as shelves and also imprinted on the cushions.


What’s unique: Neutral colors but stunning use of decors used. Hanging ceiling light, pebble Lamp, and an artistic vase.


What’s unique: Can’t really say what’s good about this one, it just looks good.


.What’s unique: I like the chill and airy vibe of this home. The DIY shelves complete the chic Scandinavian look theme. 


What’s unique: There’s something oval and puffy about this home decor. Like as if it was modeled on a confectionery shop.



What’s unique: A sense of unfinished rawness in this house, and yet it looks so complete.


What’s unique: Elegant and stylish. The translucent curtains complement it further.


What’s unique: When raw timber and modern home decor are put together this is what it looks like.


What’s unique: Stylish office home that reflects a creative attitude. Who needs a whiteboard in front of a giant blackboard.


What’s unique: If rooms have genders then this one’s definitely male.


What’s unique: Scandinavian furniture design often feels like a work of art, although it is simple and understated.


What’s unique: The dramatic design style, perfect for a homeowner who enjoys making a statement. The chairs give a luxurious statement and modern outlook.

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